What are the biggest benefits that our customers love when working with us.

Nearshore Prices

Nearshore prices

You get top quality (Same time zone) for a fraction of the price.

Crowd sourced solutions

Crowd sourced solutions

Everyone of our programmers are trained in the scrum methodology and have the huge advantage of being able to use the knowledge and experience of our entire team as well a having direct access to our top team leaders that have years of programming experience.

Support of a full company

Support of a full company

You have the support of a full company: If the programmer we assign to you isn’t working out (It doesn’t happen very often) we will supply you with a new one and since the work was done in-house you don’t lose any momentum or have the hassle of having to “start from scratch”.

One price

One price

We take care of everything. We cover the costs of the equipment they need, all their benefits and training.

Essential characteristics


Entry level to 2 years of experience.
Perform simple tasks or low-impact tasks (Routines). They don’t do any architectural design.
Has excellent basic knowledge of information technology from a software and hardware perspective.
It will take twice as long as a mid-level specialist.
It has the ability to repair minor and minor bugs or errors in the software and work on internal software features and tools.
Must be supervised.
Can develop basic program code. Has knowledge of at least one programming language.
It works on defined functions, that is, those with the general concept and markup previously outlined by senior software developers.


2 to 4 years of experience.
Perform more complex tasks. They are capable of proposing and providing solutions when programming. They are capable of multitasking for various projects.
Has real experience in various projects.
It is capable of carrying out tasks in less time, coding more efficiently and quickly.
Review the software code to make it more efficient and to detect errors in the code.
Can configure the development environment on their own. Able to mentor junior developers on a team.
Can develop more complex functionality and run larger projects.
Is competent in all or some stages of the systems development life cycle: Analysis, design, development and testing, implementation, documentation and evaluation.


4 to 8 years (Onwards) of experience.
Has experience in solving problems and tasks of varying complexity. Has a deep insight into the development of the project and suggests the best ways of development taking into account the ultimate goal of the market.
Can work as a scientist to experiment or test, validate assumptions and connect the dots to reach a conclusion.
Fully master coding activities.
Have the ability to experiment and test solutions to problems, validate assumptions and the ability to associate one idea with another to arrive at a solution.
Is responsible for advising junior and middle team members.
Can solve complex problems by applying design patterns.
It communicates with clients about the business processes of their projects and has the ability to transform business processes into programming code.

Service costs

Well-trained full-time programmers

  • Junior Middle Senior
    $1,450.00 USD /month $2,810.00 USD /month $4,120.00 USD /month
  • Junior Middle Senior
    $1,600.00 USD /month $2,920.00 USD /month $4,560.00 USD /month
  • Junior Middle Senior
    $1,600.00 USD /month $2,920.00 USD /month $4,560.00 USD /month
  • Junior Middle Senior
    $1,820.00 USD /month $3,030.00 USD /month $5,330.00 USD /month
  • Junior Middle Senior
    $1,710.00 USD /month $2,920.00 USD /month $5,110.00 USD /month
  • Junior Middle Senior
    $1,600.00 USD /month $3,030.00 USD /month $5,110.00 USD /month
  • Junior Middle Senior
    $1,490.00 USD /month $2,810.00 USD /month $4,560.00 USD /month
  • Junior Middle Senior
    $1,490.00 USD /month $2,810.00 USD /month $4,560.00 USD /month

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